Company overview


CPDL FAMILY is driven by a philosophy formed up with a corporate motto, a mission and a vision statement.

The corporate Motto communicates CPDL ideas to the clients and the community and tries to gain their understanding and support and lead them to ACTION-TO-ENGAGE. The corporate motto shortly describes the attitudes and actions required to realize CPDL ideas incorporated in the mission and vision statements.

The Corporate Motto is stated in the following simple yet elaborative statement:

Beyond Border, Happy Together

Going beyond various borders CPDL shall act together to accomplish a greater goal, which has been envisioned to secure mutual HAPPY status for the entire value chain.


CPDL set its mission to acquire a UNIQUE AND SUSTAINABLE position in the field of Real Estate Management, Electro Mechanical, Development in Hospitality Management and other essential infrastructure requirements on urban, regional, national development according to global standards of ethics. The core of its operation shall be aligned with the following:

  • Accomplishing greater CLIENT SATISFACTION
  • Keeping INNOVATION ahead of everything
  • Continuous improvement in Quality of the PRODUCTS & SERVICES
  • Going beyond various borders to CHALLENGE-THE-CHANGE
  • Engaging borderless TEAM effort to be UNIQUE


CPDL set its vision to be HAPPY TOGETHER to secure a win-win condition for the entire value chain. In detail we are envisioned to create :

  • HAPPY CLIENTELE i.e. buyer of our product and service takers by delivering with preferential services and products and they would understand and accept the true value of the delivery
  • HAPPY STAKEHOLDERS i.e. Land Owners, Partners etc. would happily come in tie to do business with us by getting and providing winning business deal
  • HAPPY ASSOCIATES i.e. Architects, Consultants, Contractors, suppliers, vendors, Outsourced associates etc. would get better deal from us and meet our requirement and standard in return
  • HAPPY SOCIETY where we belong and operate by developing public facilities, which would be appreciated and trusted
  • HAPPY WORKFORCE by providing ample scopes of personal and professional development to create a bright today and brighter tomorrow, improved and enjoyable working environment, Family bondage with dedication and devotion.
  • All the above shall in aggregate create the HAPPY CPDL FAMILY.


The logo denoted as with a significant color meaning, purple, and orange is combined to express the following:


The entire Logo unit represents smart solutions for the suppliers, customers, and all stakeholders as an unswerving partner of choice for respective need, engagement and investment. The Logo boldly expresses the spirit statement of the BRAND.

Our Brand Identity

We believe in you