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Beginning of the journey

The entrepreneurial spirit in the organization began in 1996 when Mr. Abul Hossain Chowdhury, a renowned banker started a construction business in the name of Chowdhury Associates. This firm completed a number of medium to large sized residential and commercial projects. In this consequence CA Property Development Limited shortly named as CPDL was ascertained. It had registered with the joint stock company in December`2004. CPDL aimed to tap development opportunities mostly in Greater Chittagong and other parts of Bangladesh.

Background & Milestones

Over the past Eleven years CPDL has completed 19 (Nineteen) residential and commercial projects in most of the prime location of Chittagong city.

Going forward, CPDL intends to maintain the rapid pace of growth set in recent years. The company will continue to be pro-active in identifying new opportunities and negotiating land acquisitions for future developments. The focus will remain mid-to-high-end apartment complex, Satellite Township and villa projects in and around Chittagong.

The company currently has a portfolio of twelve on-going projects in the year 2014 and a number of planned future projects on the horizon. It also emphasize on the tourism sector by making resorts and hotel complexes in Cox`s Bazar and Anwara Parki sea beaches.

Our business is originated on:


Our company`s brand expresses what our customers, shareholders, society and other partners can expect from us. We denote this with our trade logo: CPDL, combines two colors with Purple and Orange. Purple color is associated with wisdom, dignity and creativity while  Orange color represent enthusiasm, happiness, encouragement and stimulation, along with those stands for our sincerity, dedication, tradition and strengths; CPDL sign represents smart solutions for our suppliers and customers as an unswerving partner of choice for their dream home. The logo itself is symbolic to the company`s spirit. The company take care and maintain the logo spirits in all of its activities from first to last. Our slogan ``With Quality in Time`` stands for our promise to be a reliable partner and help build a successful future with innovative design and constructions.

Company Structure

As CPDL crosses milestone in the journey towards fulfilling its vision - to be the most sought after organization of the 21st century - CPDL expresses its gratitude to each individual of the 250 members of strong CPDL family for their efforts and commitment to the organization. The company is staffed with a team combining young and energetic as well as experienced professionals having innovative ideas and vast experience in their respective fields, along with other assisting hands in office and project management. Its management-structure consists of well-qualified managerial personnel, experienced engineers and architects.

Quality Policy

Being in the business of real estate development, constructing the dream homes of people, and marketing international quality homes is our forte. But we do not preach quality procedures for certain occasions and practices; we have made it a part of our daily routine at work, a part of our policy. CPDL Quality Management System has evolved as a response to its commitment to customer satisfaction by identifying present and future requirements of home/apartment-buyers, promoting the joy of ownership,continually upgrading the benchmarks and norms of our own standards of quality.

      The goal of the  CPDL is to achieve optimum level of Customer satisfaction. The commitment of each member of our employee to quality is essential to grasp of this goal.

Quality is defined by our Customer. There is a clear need, therefore, to precisely establish client`s requirements, and to respond hastily and effectively to convene them with the standard practices.

Quality excellence can best be achieved by taking care of problems, rather than by correcting them after they occur. It`s never ending process and repetition of same problem is unacceptable.

At this present time the company focuses its attention to a number of quality related issues, namely:

      -To instill an awareness of quality related issues among all team members by means of improved training and understanding of the critical role which quality plays in the company`s business.

      -The policies, organization and procedures detailed in the company manual are designed to achieve our quality goals in the most proficient manner.

The Management of CPDL considers the quality aspects of the company`s business to be of paramount importance, as only quality service which provides on-going customer satisfaction will guarantee the continuing success of the company.


The company strives to provide its customers with innovative products that exceed expectations, to improve the quality of property development in the country through utilization of best practices in all construction disciplines as well as through the establishment of new standards in environmental controls and property management.
In this consideration it has awarded ISO 9001:2008 qualify certificate and it is maintaining this recognition in true practice. We believe that this award help us to maintain quality management system.Company has adopted the system as a part of its continual improvement process.

Message from CEO

As a fast emergent developing company, we started our journey as CPDL since 2004,then we have stepped beyond our magnificent and spontaneous 11 years with sincerity, honesty and dedication. From the very beginning, our vision was to not only make profit oriented business but also to make the real estate industry dependable and trustworthy. That`s why we have made our corporate slogan ``With Quality in time``. We have proved this slogan in reality by handing over all of our projects much ahead of time keeping the best possible quality.

The vertebrae of the business are supported by a corporate culture that encourages teamwork, innovative thinking and integrated decision making. We have continuously emphasized on recruiting and retaining the best personnel,maintaining a participatory management structure and a solid capital base by which we are effectively managing the risk in our business. The rendezvous of the interests of employees, shareholders and investors has also been of great importance. We believe that these factors have built our success and will prolong to do so in the future.

We fetch our conventional family values of fairness, honesty and openness to bring on modern and pioneering ways of working and developing business. At the same time, we strive to attain our goals while earning respect from our customers, vendors, stakeholders, associates and competitors.

Engr. Iftekhar Hosen

Together A Decade


  • Archive at Tax Office
  • Road At South Khulshi
  • Social Awarness
  • Playground at Chittagong Maa-O-Shishu Hospital
  • Sculpture at Engr. Abdul Khaleq Square
  • Auditorium at Salima Siraz Mohila Fazil Madrasha
  • Auditorium at Advocate Abdul Jalil Chy Memorial

Archive at Tax Office

CPDL is honored to be a part of the Legacy program of setting an archive to explore the origin and history of TAX Department. The archive is very creatively installed and displayed in the TAX OFFICE,CGS BAHABAN ,Agrabad,Chittagong.Searching the history and origin was never an easy task to do, Additional Commission Mr. Sayeed Md. Abu Daud and his dedicated team has made this tough task possible with a remarkable expertise. Mr. Dabir Uddin ,Commissioner -(Zone-1), Mr. Apurba Kanti Das, Commissioner,(Zone-2) were truly inspirational in the inaugural program of the archive, held on 8th February,2015. Engr. Iftekhar Hosen, MD & CEO, CPDL, appreciated the effort taken and expressed interest to support again to incorporate the online version of the archive

Road At South Khulshi

Road at South Khulshi

Social Awarness

Playground at Chittagong Maa-O-Shishu Hospital

Set up a Playground at Chittagong Maa-O-Shishu Hospital

Sculpture at Engr. Abdul Khaleq Square

Sculpture set up for beautification at Engr. Abdul Khaleq Square, Anderkillah, Chittagong.

Auditorium at Salima Siraz Mohila Fazil Madrasha

Set up an Auditorium at Salma Siraz Mohila Fazil Madrasha, S.S. Khaled Road, Jamalkhan, Chittagong.

Auditorium at Advocate Abdul Jalil Chy Memorial

Advocate Abdul Jalil Chy. Memorial Auditorium at Anowara Adorsho High School, Anowara, Chittagong

Sister Concern

  • Paragon Technology & Services
  • Mix n Mass
  • Paragon Convention Hal
  • Alton RealEstate Management LLC
  • Alton Steel Fabrication LLC

The company was incepted on 1st January 2014 with the objective to operate mainly trading business and Construction Management.The reputation,brand equity and management credential of the CPDL reached a new stature understandably through the construction management venture. The portfolio is enriched over the time and currently running on with Belle vue Hospital and Auronee project.

Service oriented Elevator venture with the scope to expand with other similar technological services. The company has set the initial objective to meet up the requirements of elevators of the mother organization CPDL and gradually emerge in the market with sustainable and new tech to capture a good volume of market share of the same industry.

Ready Mix Company.

Paragon Convention Hall

UAE based Real Estate Management.

UAE based Steel Fabrication Company


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